Mind & Body Treatment

I have had the joy of combining a personal passion of mine, yoga, with my professional

passion through workshops and groups to bring yogic principles into treatment and

subsequently, one’s life.

In Yoga and Grief, I collaborated with certified yoga teacher, Maura Manzo, to promote

meditation through guided imagery and movement to journey through the many layers of

grief. In Yoga and Emotional Healing, I collaborated with certified yoga teacher and

counselor, Candace Stevens, supporting participants in healing through mind and body.

Yoga In Action, a group created by the Off the Mat and Into the World charity founded by

famous yoga teacher, Seane Corn. This group supports individuals in bringing the insight

gained in yoga practice into daily life. Maura Manzo, RYT, Candace Stevens, RYT, MA,

and I collaborated in this offering twice to date. Certified Yoga Teacher, Brittany Policastro,

and I created an online program, Rock Your Purpose, that combines counseling, yoga, and

meditation to empower you to courageously make the changes in your life that will put you

on the path to your purpose. Register for this course here.

I am also available to support the manifestation of these goals through individual sessions.

I have extensive training in mindfulness and am trained in both Yoga Calm and as a Yoga

Gangster, a certification to teach yoga to at risk individuals. These principles support clients

building the ability to relax their bodies and regulate their emotions.  

Below is a link of a sample mindfulness exercise.